MediaDirect 4 rip off the stand alone partition and includes Bluray Support!
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Dell MediaDirect used to be a preboot environment based on Windows XP that allowed you basic multimedia and on latest installments, office functionalities without the need to load the whole operating system, Program 4.x series removed the preboot functionality for no documented reasons, focusing now on bringing the best experience within Windows, MediaDirect 4 now supports Bluray!

There are four versions of the program: The Basic - the MediaDirect DVD Playback (Base) files are included on either of the media. The MD BD 1.0 media will allow Blu-ray Disc 1.0 compatibility. The MD BD 1.1 media will allow Blu-ray Disc 1.1 compatibility and the last one support BD Profile 2.0; all of them are specifications for the format provided by the Bluray Association.

The application its only available on Dell XPS, Studio and Inspiron laptops, being the only exception the Studio Hybrid Desktop.The software cant be downloaded from the internet nor purchased after point of sales, being included on the system price and distributed on a CD.

Besides Bluray support there is nothing exciting about this program and since most of us dont have money to invest on a bluray drive I think most wont notice this program update.

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  • Supports Bluray


  • No more boot issues
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